A picturesque nature idyll in the heart of upper Carinthia, the market town of Sachsenburg presents itself as a place of blithe serenity. While architectural gems and a generously sized market square attest to the historic importance of the former fortress, today, the town is a place where Carinthian Gemütlichkeit dates southern lifestyle. Long-established customs and traditional culture ensure varied program of events.

At festivals and celebrations regional caterers treat both guests and locals with the best of what Carinthian cuisine has to offer. After all, the cozy inns put great emphasis on culinary indulgence.

So, whether you’re looking for a light snack during your cycling trip, a hearty plate of cold cuts or a fine dining experience – the selection of regional delicacies is sure to delight everyone’s palate. Did you know that the market town of Sachsenburg was first mentioned in historic documents in 1213?

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